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Proudly supporting Australians who are switching over to solar. Learn how you can save money and take back control of your electricity consumption.

Helping Australians Install Solar On Their Homes

I want Solar but where do I start?

We get this question a lot, and it is hard. The solar market is full of noise when it comes to choosing the right system at the right price for your home.

So, if you live in Victoria and are reading this then you have made some good progress on your journey. Well done!

Allstar Energy is an Approved Solar Retailer that complies with industry codes of conduct (this is a good thing), and we provide our customers with a spin free approach that goes beyond the sale. We start where others stop.

Our guarantee is we will not only help you select the correct Allstar Energy Plan for your home but also provide you with maintenance services into the future to make sure you continue to get the most out of the products you purchase from us.

Our Services

Our Lifetime Services

At the Beginning

Here we help you weigh up your options, savings potential and eligibility for government rebates. We also offer our customers a personalised Energy Savings Plan to help you understand the benefits you can receive from solar.

During Your Decision

Here we refine the details and organise the installation of your system, we offer you 24/7 Support and a Money Back Guarantee.

After the Installation

This is where others stop, and we start. We don't take your money and run. We continue to support you and maintain your system right throughout its lifecycle. We will also help you with any warranty issues you may have.

So, Why Choose Us?

We deliver on our promises

We offer a Money Back Guarantee!
If you are not satisfied with our products or the services we provide you, you get your money back* Without happy customers we don’t have a business, which is why we deliver on what we say we will do. We want to work with you to install a system that you are happy with.



We start where others stop

We help maintain your System
Most other companies will stop their service once they have banked your hard-earned money. Not us! Once we have installed the system for you, we will help you maintain it!



We give you a competitive price

Minimise your buy-back today!
We want you to get the most out of your solar system and that means paying a fair price, we do our best to give you a competitive price compared to others in the market.



We Use These Brands on Our Own Homes!