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Go Solar without paying for the system!

No upfront costs and no on-going maintenance costs*

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Solar for Carparks

Transforming Parking Lots Into Beautiful Power Plants

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Grid Connected, OffGrid & Micro Grid

Integrating renewable energy and energy storage into your choice of electricity networks

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Commercial Energy Solutions

We serve Corporate, Government, Utility & Industrial clients

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Lowering Energy Costs

Providing solar power, energy optimisation, business storage & conducting energy negotiations

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We are an Australian owned, Global Renewable Energy Business.Allstar Energy Solutions offers a fully integrated commercial power service. Including solar power, energy optimisation, business storage and energy supply negotiation.

Commercial energy savings start with expert knowledge

Energy is a necessary but unpredictable cost for all businesses and many, a significant variable expense. We understand that it can be difficult even to navigate your energy bills, let alone to stay abreast of all the information about how to improve efficiency and make savings. Plus, then it still needs to be implemented by a trusted energy provider and professional.

Allstar Energy Solutions has the expertise and experience to cut through the confusion. Our job is to bring together the various methods, products and services to help businesses become more self-sufficient, or at least to start using energy as efficiently as possible! To enable cost reductions and predictability, and improve to the bottom line, all you have to do is to receive complementary bill analysis.

Together with our premier business and technology partners, we have the right end-to-end solutions.

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Our Focus

Commercial & Industry Solar Power Solutions

We help your organisation unlock your full energy-saving potential. By using available roof space for solar panels we are able to achieve unimaginable low-cost electricity rates per kWh and providing our customers with hundreds of thousands of savings!

Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA)

Why buy energy at a higher price when your organisation can purchase the solar-generated electricity at a significantly reduced price? Achieve immediate cost savings now, with our PPA utilise your roof to make energy! Go solar without the upfront costs.

Utility Solar Power Station EPC Solutions

Our specialist Utility EPC Project Team provides a one-stop engineering, procurement and construction service, to help your project achieve the best economics for utility-scale power plants. We have Global partnerships and currently have several international projects at the construction phase.

Energy Consulting & Tariff Optimisation

We offer specialist advisory services to help you negotiate the best retail energy plan for your business and identify potential energy savings opportunities in your business. We are retail agnostic and only recommend the appropriate solution.

Commercial Energy Finance

We understand cash is king! Our partners help provide cost-effective asset finance solutions to enable your solar and energy efficiency project to be cash flow positive – meaning you start saving from year ONE. We offer a number of expert providers.

Energy Efficiency, LED & Storage

We help your organisation to uncover the "low hanging fruit" of energy cost reduction by identifying areas we can better manage and reduce your power demand, such as using new and efficient LED, Power Factor Correction, battery storage, controls and automation.

Quick steps to energy cost reduction with Allstar Energy

Start with an Energy Assessment

Reduce your energy consumption

We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve higher energy efficiency and in turn reduce their operating costs. The central mechanism we employ to reduce our clients’ electricity bills is auditing.

Auditing allows us to best understand how a business uses energy so we can design and implement solutions to increase efficiency.

We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve higher energy efficiency and in turn reduce their operating costs.


Power Factor Correction Saves

Edge Electrons Partnership

Edge’s award-winning power electronics software that has revolutionised traditional energy saving methods. The unique Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation technologies are protected by over 20 global patents and are more accurate and cost-effective than existing market solutions.

Edge has proudly partnered with global manufacturing giant, Flex. Together, are committed to large-scale production using safe and durable materials of the highest quality.


Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Did you know our solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

The new solution for businesses, that provides you with solar savings with no upfront costs and no on-going maintenance costs? And that’s just the beginning…we have partnered with Ovidia.

Ovida is owned and backed by one of Australia’s largest energy infrastructure companies, SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (SGSPAA), who own $10.5 billion worth of major utility infrastructure across Australia


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