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5 reasons to consider solar

If you’re currently reading this, I’m sure you’ve heard of Solar Energy. But what do you know about the benefits that come from Solar Energy? The Solar Energy movement has been a prominent global phenomenon for many years now. Millions of Australians have since converted to Solar energy giving them control over their electricity expenses and promoting a cleaner world for all of us. In this article we will list 5 reasons as to why you should consider solar, read on and see why!


The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2008, it is expected to continue to plummet down in cost, so it is affordable for everyone around the globe!

1. Solar Power is good for the environment!

One of the most commonly known facts about Solar Power is that it produces a clean, green source of energy which reduces our carbon footprint on our environment. Solar power does not release any greenhouse gasses and does not release any pollution into the world, other than requiring a clean water source to function, it requires no other resources to run. Thus, it is a great resource to use and is environmentally-friendly. Solar power is self-sufficient, meaning it runs itself. It has been proven to be a safe and reliable resource which is a great way to contribute to a cleaner, pollution free society.

2. Solar power can be used all day!

When you look at current electricity prices they serve as a great example of why there should be an increase in the use of Solar. Traditional electricity is not 100% reliable and is not a source which we can depend on for much longer. Traditional electricity needs fossil fuels such as coal and gas. These resources are harmful to the environment and are also limited resources. One of the biggest myths about solar power is that there are limitations to its use. It is perceived that solar energy is only available during the day when the sun is shining, where the truth is that solar energy generates from daylight. Therefore, on cloudy days and rainy days, solar panels are working to produce energy the entire time the sun is up in the sky.


Las Vegas, Nevada is the biggest city in the United States to operate 100% on renewable resources!

3. Solar power is affordable and great for the environment!

There is a stigma around solar energy, that it is a big investment and could cost you thousands for the materials and installation. While the use of solar power has increased in popularity and efficiency over the last twenty or so years, the price for PV systems have dropped drastically to fit the economic climate. PV cells are 99% lower than what they were in 1976. Additionally, due to its efficiency and low impact on the environment, the Australian government offer incentives and grants for the installation of the PV system. There is also the STC program in Australia where STC points are issued to solar systems which qualify under the criteria and can be redeemed for a dollar value which is deductable from the cost of the solar system. Don’t let the price of a PV system deter you from going Solar, think about the current impact green house gases have caused our environment!

4. Less power loss with Solar Energy

Sick and tired of having unreliable electricity connections and brown outs? Or other instances such as power shortages due to poor weather conditions and extensive rain? Ever thought about electricity shortages and why they occur? Electricity needs to be transported from large power sources to their end-customers via intricate network systems. If power needs to travel long distances interruptions and brown outs can occur for long periods of time. Having solar panels on your residential property will allow you to control your power usage and will reduce power outs. Your energy source becomes domestic and as a result you are left with ultimate control over your electricity source.


Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, it affects over 100 million people globally. This is comparable to worldwide diseases like malaria and HIV!

5. 2 million Aussies are now solar and counting!

In 2018 Australia had achieved a record-breaking milestone, with a whopping number of residential homes running on solar energy at about 2 million homes. CEC Chief executive Kane Thornton has said ‘homes with rooftop solar installed are saving on average about $540 per year on electricity utility bills”. South Australia is currently dominating the country with approximately 31.1% of residential homes running on solar energy with Queensland coming second with 30%! Australians are choosing to live cleaner and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, its time to join the movement and think cleaner environment, cleaner energy!

Solar Power has come a long way since its inception over 25 years ago, many innovations have since made Solar Power a reliable source as well as a great investment in your home. Why choose solar? The benefits are endless! Have total control over your utility expenses as well as reduce your carbon footprint on the environment! Join the movement today!