About Us | Allstar Energy Solutions - Helping Australians save on power by switching to solar.

About Us

Allstar Energy Solutions is an Australian owned and operated, one-stop energy cost reduction solution provider.Our highly experienced team has a long history in helping Australian homeowners and businesses across different industries in reducing their electricity costs with our tailored turnkey solutions.

Allstar Energy Solutions is a key channel partner of Australia’s largest privately owned Solar Pv and electrical wholesalers with offices in every major capital city of Australia thus providing you with an unmatched level of confidence regardless of your location.With over a decade of continuous partnerships with global industry leading manufacturers, asset financiers, and EPC contractors, coupled with completed private and Government projects worldwide, our collective strengths can offer your home or business an unmatched guarantee on industry leading quality, performance and after sales support.

Our Team

We are a team of renewable Energy Allstars. Each member of our team has extensive experience within the renewable Energy industry, and we like to consider ourselves as a ‘dream team’ when helping our customers find energy solutions for their home and business.

We Start where others stop

This is our brand philosophy and we believe in providing a strong focus on customer satisfaction by providing them services long after we have received payment for the system. Our post installation support includes:

  • System Monitoring & Training
  • After sales care
  • Warranty support

Our Mission

To Provide Australians with a new way to use clean energy taking advantage of the world’s largest natural resource.

Our Vision

We want to play our part with other like-minded Australians and make a positive impact on the environment by utilising solar and its sustainable advantage for the future.

Our Objective

We want to help our customers drive effective and sustainable solar solutions for their homes that help you create an effective energy saving plan that gives you back the control of your electricity consumption, avoid energy retailer price hikes and maximise your ROI that leaves you raving about our pre and post-purchase services.

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