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Utility Solar Power Station EPC Solutions

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Build, Operate & Maintain

AllStar Energy Solutions operates a global solar power platform, with an experienced and motivated team.

AllStar Energy Solutions & Global partners, build solar projects which are supported by long‐term power purchase contracts with creditworthy customers, transfers ownership of the projects to investors, (importantly, securing equity capital from investors prior to building), and operates the projects to enhance value over their useful life.

By capturing the value of engineering,  procurement and financing during the building phase, and by obtaining project capital from investors so that capital outlay is modest.

Be part of a new clean energy future.


Our expert global team can provide a  low‐risk, capital efficient business model for any proposed large-scale, utility-scale or ground-mounted solar park.

We pride ourselves on working with only the top vendors with ongoing power services, encompassing operations, maintenance and optimization of these solar plants pursuant to long-term contracts.